• Yes, of course

    Donald Trump embodies everything the GOP stands for. He's in favor of limiting government and following the constitution. In addition, he's tired of the politically correct movement that has made the US a much weaker country. The GOP definitely earned Donald Trump, and Trump has a great shot at the presidency.

  • Yes, the GOP created an environment that allowed Trump to gain support.

    Yes, the GOP has "earned" a candidate such as Donald Trump. Over time, the more conservative factions of the GOP have cultivated racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of bigotry throughout not only their party base but also the rest of the country. Candidates such as Trump are now able to draw on these ideologies and appeal to voters, thus reinforcing the position and operations of the GOP.

  • America earned him.

    Not only the GOP, but all of America earned him. If we were so bigoted and racist as a nation then there is no way he would be in the spotlight like he has been. It's more of a reflection on the country than on the GOP itself. We should be ashamed.

  • No i do not.

    Many think the GOP earned Donald Trump, but let us not fool ourselves. Donald Trump is a force of nature to be reckoned by. He can not be bought he can not be influenced by anyone . It will be an interesting race in 2016, we shall see what happens next.

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