• More people are leaving the Republican party nowadays.

    Most people are leaving the GOP due to the issues of immigration, and social issues such as marriage equality, discrimination laws, and women's rights.

    Swing states are becoming more likely to vote for the left-wing than the right wing these days. In the 2012 elections, one out of the nine swing states in the U.S declared a Romney majority. All of the swing states voted for Obama in 2008, maybe because Sarah Palin was McCain's running mate. Independent voters are slightly more likely to vote Democratic.

    Here's a hypothesis. The ACA has worked and many people are aware that the House Republicans tried their best to block the health care reform. The GOP are probably going to lose some points for that.

    These days, the GOP is filled with tea-party extremists and they're creating an unfavorable image of the GOP. I feel that the moderate republicans who were in office in the 20th century would feel completely ashamed of the GOP now such as Eisenhower, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan. Statistics even show that most Republicans have a negative view of their own party.

  • One can only hope.

    And good riddance. The GOP has done nothing but screw over working Americans. Anyone who doesn't see this is either a closed-minded idiot or just doesn't want to believe it. Liberalism/libertarianism is vastly more popular among the young generation. Out with the right, out with religion, in with the freedom.

  • No unity anymore

    The GOP lacks real unity. Today the beliefs among the GOP are so separate that they are ripping apart the party as a whole. The Tea Party is not helping the party but dividing it farther. Meanwhile more and more moderate Republicans are moving farther and farther away as well as libertarian republicans. What will kill the party in the end is its lack of unity. The democrats have that unity and, although has some factions, still have a central point. What will most likely happen in the next 50 years is the gradual collapse of the republican party into three sets. One of the moderate Republicans, the conservative tea party, and libertarian republicans who will most likely move into the growing libertarian party.

  • Good Riddance Republicans.

    The world is changing too rapidly for the traditionalists to compensate. Though the party might possibly remain in name, its ideology will be radically different in a decade or so. Besides, with more and more people using the internet, it shouldn't take too much longer before people start looking up basic labor and income statistics for themselves.

  • Hopefully within 30 years

    I disagree with that republicans are better with the economy and democrats are only good with the economy. George W. Bush has proved that wrong with the economic crisis he left us in. Bill Clinton had a great economy going and JFK lowered all taxes that led to a 9 year economic boom. In 30 years, when the racists die off, I'm pretty sure that the republicans will either die off or become a minority party. Then, I hope that the two major parties are democrats and green party, then the presidential elections just wouldn't be as stressful.

  • At their current rate, yes. But its not too late just yet.

    If Republicans don't realize that moving farther to the right is hurting them among minorities and independents, then they can never win the White House ever again. Independents are the ones who decide an election, not conservatives. They can change for the better, but with extremists like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz leading the way, then, the party will continue to lose.

  • Not at all.

    The Republican Party will reorganize and return to prominence with a different value set. It's important to remember that the same thing happened to the Democratic Party around the time of Civil Rights, as they were previously in favor of slavery and segregation. Let's not forget the Great Emancipator was a Republican.

    That said, the Republican Party has moved in the opposite position since Lincoln's time, and at present is in transition yet again. This happens with political parties, particularly in cases where there are so many differing points of view on various issues. In other countries, this is dealt with by having multiple major parties, but here, we're stuck with two that people take seriously. In the absence of multiple parties, we have sub-groups within these two parties that vie for control, with parties changing their platforms due to one or more of these sub-groups assuming dominance. So it will be, and so it has been.

  • They might possibly.

    Have you ever heard of 'waving the bloody shirt'? That is what happened when the Democrats were blamed for the civil war (mostly true). Anyway, it basically caused them to lose a bunch of elections. I think something similar will happen. Because the Republicans are against these social issues, they will become more and more politically obscure on the national stage and be absorbed by a more socially liberal party (possibly libertarian). Or, they will eventually change or give up on the social issues. Even then I fail to see how they can remain. You might think that it is the Democrats who are benefitting from their social stance, but it is really the Republicans. If people stopped hating the gays and really pulled out their graphs, charts and even the bible, they would see that there is a massive unequal distribution of wealth, and Jesus does not like it. The Republicans survival as a fiscal system depends on hating gays and weed, and their doom will be caused by holding on to it too long.

    Why do you think that a poor person would vote for the millionaire who wants to get rid of anything stopping their company from paying you less for more hours, less benefits and more dangerous working conditions? It is because they do not vote on their wallets. The democrats cannot seem to focus on anything but the social issues, which will benefit them in the medium run, but in the short run dooms them, and ultimately makes no difference.

  • Someone's imagination is running wild

    To those who believe the press, they may be led to believe the Republican Party is dying. But that is nothing short of a lie from the spin doctors in the press.

    The Republican Party is alive and well. It is the dominant party in the country. The Republican Party controls most of the Governorships, most of the state legislatures, and the US House. Who can deny the Republican Party is the more popular party in the country. The executive is only one position out of many.

    A century ago the Democrats controlled most of the governorships and legislatures. That is not the case in today's time. Sorry, if some people are subscribing to a fictitious world the media provided. It is not real.

  • Anyone who believes this

    Is ignorant of history. Parties have suffered worse in their lifetimes. All it takes is one mistake from the other side, and it's like the past decade never happened. None of the parties are going to die within this generation or the next. In fact, last poll said that Democrat membership was dropping faster than Republican membership.

  • Republican party will no die

    Though we have stupid republican leadership in the House and Senate, with the help of the Tea Party Constitutionals hopefully the Tea Party will take over the Tea Party to help get this country back on track, from run away debt, obamacare, amnesty, and the Democrat Party is No better than the Republican neither, their worse their job is totally transform america.

  • Despite the fact that the GOP swept, these are the last days of the Republican Party

    While those saying now would argue that they control the entire federal government and majority of governors, last time this happened was 1928. The great depression struck a year later. When another disaster like this occurs in the near future not only will Republican voters become displeased, Democratic voters will too and the Republican party will be swept out of Washington D.C. For good. The Republican party is already unpopular with many voters. In 2012 Mitt Romney got all of 6% of African American voters, 27% of Hispanic voters and 26% of Asian voters. The GOP knew heading into the 2016 election they couldn't lose "minorities" by that much because this country is becoming less and less white.

  • The GOP will not die

    Both parties have been bad at running the country over the past decade, weather it be failing ideologies or difficult circumstances. By learning from different news sources, I find that people like the Democratic Party for their social tolerance, and the Republican Party for their platform of financial responsibility. The libertarian party supports both of these, but due to our countries 2 party system, they will remain a minority for a while. As Republicans continue to hate gays and marijuana and as Democrats continue to increase our nations debt, I hope more people from both sides of the aisle will start to support the libertarians.

  • It will not die, but evolve.

    The GOP will not die. It is the only viable alternative party to the Democrats and instead will evolve in the long run, most likely in a more civilly and socially libertarian direction. However, given Democratic blunders (ex. Obamacare), it is certainly not under existential threat in the short term and may even score big wins in the upcoming midterms.

  • This opinion won't even exist in 2016.

    It's been less than 8 years since Obama has been elected into office when all this controversy became a big talk, its just an imagination. His approval rating has recently been to an all time low and that's a fault for the Democrats. Most offices are being run by Republicans and historically, political parties have always been struggling, this is just as I said again, an imagination that should not be taken seriously.

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