Do you think the government does a good job of managing national parks?

  • From What I have seen

    They are not dirty with trash and they seem to be very strict with the rules when you visit, They are usually pretty well kept and there always seem to be a park ranger around. Of course, I have not been to one in a long time. They might be a lot different now, considering all the budget cutbacks. I know city parks in my area are being neglected.

  • Yes, they do a fine job.

    This is one area of management and governing where the government of the United States actually does a really good job. It is hard enough to find land to build and expand such an economy, but it is harder as I can only imagine to save land lots for parks.

  • The government does a good job of managing national parks.

    The government does a good job of managing national parks. The parks are kept relatively clean and patrolled. More employees would help but with the lack of funds and the economy in the shape that it is in then it could be better. I think they do a good job of keeping it manageable.

  • Yes They Do

    I absolutely love the national parks of the United States and I have visited a vast majority of them. The maintenance of these lands, for the most part, is done very well. I think there are a few things I've seen that I don't care for, but they are few and far between. I think it was an injustice to tear down the original visitor center at Old Faithful in Yellowstone, I think the lack of commitment to the building in Dinosaur National Park is an injustice as it is roped off to everyone, and lastly the money poured into the amphitheater at Mount Rushmore was a complete waste of money in its overly grandiose display. I much preferred the simplicity of the cabin, and the free parking.

  • Not since funding has been getting reduced.

    Very sad to say, but you can tell that our national parks are going down hill since all of the budget cuts started hitting them. What happened to our pride in these beautiful parks? Everything is about money anymore. Attendants and groundskeepers have been cut back, parts of certain parks are cut off to the public, there are problems with vandalism, and no one seems to be doing anything about any of it.

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