• Government is able, but not willing

    Defined benefit pensions are problems that come due far past the point they are promised and, due to a problem associating cause and effect, there is no way to unelect retired officials who did not create sustainable pensions, nor is it plausible to hold current officeholders accountable. The unaccountability problem means that no government official is willing to tackle the issue, and past ones are no longer responsible. The governmental fix where such plans can be addressed will need to come from States or a constitutional provision ending such politically popular, but poor fiscal schemes.

  • Yes,I agree the government is able to fix pension problems.

    Although many people would say that the government has very few solutions,in reality they can offer quite a bit in the area of addressing pension problems.The government can look out for the people's best interest by placing regulations on corporations to ensure that pensions are in place when a corporation has various financial issues

  • Many problems could be fixed.

    There are always ways to improve upon or fix something. The government could fix, or at least greatly improve, pension problems if the right steps were taken and the time was devoted to trying to fix pension problems without arguments. If people worked with each other and compromised a lot could get done.

  • fix pension problems

    I personally agree,The problem is that these recent fixes have not achieved either of the two goals essential to successful pension reform: first, reducing the overall costs of public pensions, and second, reducing the fiscal risks borne by taxpayers. (For further details on how states should approach the pension crisis, see my essay "Dodging the Pension Disaster" in the Spring 2011 issue of National Affairs.) Some states have made significant strides on the first of these fronts, and a few have even done so on the second. But no state has done enough to truly fix the problems affecting its pension system.

  • The government can well afford it.

    Yes, I think that the government is fully capable of fixing pension problems. Isn't it interesting how the government is always crying poor whenever it comes to looking after the social welfare of its citizens, yet has a bottomless pocket when it comes to defense spending? We can shift a little of that money to our pensioners.

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