Do you think the government should have tighter laws in place for illegal drugs in the United States?

  • Drug laws should be more stringent.

    The government should have tighter laws in place for illegal drugs in the United States. This is because drugs are killing thousands of people every year in this country, and making even more people addicts who are sick and even violent. These individuals lose their souls to drugs, and the government should put a stop to their availability.

  • Yes, I think the government should tighten laws againt illegal drugs in the United States.

    Yes, the United States should tighten there laws against illegal drugs in the United States. There is no question that illegal drugs are an issue. The only way to get at the route of the problem is really fight the crime hard at every level. Going light on them will cause people to be more apt to use, or sell illegal drugs.

  • No tighter laws for illegal drugs in the United States

    The war has been raging for far too long and the numbers show the Battle against drugs is a loosing one. The Federal Government and the Drug Enforcement Agency can't keep a cap on the laws already in place. The drugs are not going anywhere. Those who want the drugs are not going anywhere. We have a whole gene pool of curious minds that will always push the boundaries of reality.We have over crowded prisons because of marijuana growers sitting next to killers while heroin and methamphetamine heads are given treatment and methadone to come off their addiction. Tighter laws is not going to fix that. There is too much money to be made on any end of the drug war, whether you are the supplier, dealer, user, cop, lawyer, judge, and yes even the treatment centers all make money off of the poor souls who couldn't say no. Stricter laws means more things you can't do that the politicians know you are going to do anyway, so they want their cut.

  • Laws against illegal drugs makes for more crime

    Laws against illegal drugs make more crime happen because of market demand. If laws were easier on the illegal drugs many would not use them, it can become more of choice like alcohol is. The black market that is currently feeding into the illegal drug trade is making all the money and if were we able to tax transaction on illegal drugs schools could receive more funding.

  • The US needs to re-evaluate what is illegal and why before creating new laws.

    The sentence for the same amount of crack-cocaine is nearly triple that of regular cocaine. Why? Chemically it is the same thing, it is just ingested differently. Marijuana reportedly has more good uses than bad. Is the tobacco industry really that afraid of marijuana? Heroin may be highly addictive, but has no other physical side effects. Alcohol though. Alcohol kills brain cells, ruins every digestive organ from the throat to the rectum, and kills people every day. Yet it is still legal. I'm fine with the law as long as it is equally distributed.

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