• Yes, they should regulate it

    I think for those people who can't do it for themselves, the government should step in. I don't know how they regulate something like that,but obesity has gotten out of control in America. I can't go down the street without seeing someone that isn't morbidly obese. It's only going to get worse,but who can say, maybe it will fix itself.

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  • No, It would act as a gateway

    The USA is supposed to be a free country. Food is always nutritional and not damaging to people's health.If we let the government control what we eat we'll just be back in the 1700's when they put taxes on our stuff. So they'll only be worsening America because that's only going to encourage that we eat junk food.

  • That is not freedom.

    No, I do not think that the government should regulate our diets, because we should have the freedom to choose what we want to eat. It is very controlling and communist to literally dictate what we put in our bodies. We are not all slaves to the state, even though that is how the state would have it.

  • No, the government has no business being concerned about what people ingest.

    No, the government is not the parent that forced you to eat your broccoli before you could have dessert. The governments job is not to regulate or force people to eat a certain diet. Every person has different needs and it would be a waste of the governments time and money to invest in making people specific diet plans.

  • No, I don't think the Government should regulate our diets.

    I don't think the Government should be enforcing what the citizens can eat or can't eat, I think instead of trying to regulate diets the Government would be more effective if they educated the public between healthy and unhealthy foods, I think with more awareness people would naturally eat more healthy.

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