• Overwork cause too much health problems and society ills

    It is already well proven that working overtime and working too much causes much of society's ills. Neglected children / grandparents / spouse / family members, Increase chance of heart attack and anxiety panic attacks, Workplace burnout, Depressions. . . Etc. . Managers and bosses who demand extra work hours and workplace loyalty are uncaring greedy selfish bosses. Say no to those devils! Health comes first! You cannot keep any of your material wealth once you die!

  • American work life has problems.

    There are many problems in the American work life that the government should think about and consider. Many people are unemployed, or underemployed. Many people spend more than half of every day either at work or being involved with work and are still low income. People should be able to have a life outside of work and not live in poverty.

  • Yes, other countries work less with comparable productivity

    If you look at how European nations structure their work-life balance, you find that in very few cases do citizens work more than 35 hours a week, and there are extended vacation periods. Yet their productivity is not significant lower than our, and when you compare it by hours worked, it's right on par. Time away from work reduces stress, lessening health problems and easing the strain on our overburdened health care system. It would also allow Americans to spend more time with their families.

  • Government Needs To Understand

    I believe the government needs to understand what is happening to the lower bracket of low-wage earners in our country. I believe work life is much different than it was 20 years ago and it's not even comparable to what it was 50 years ago. In low-wage jobs workers have to give up everything and they have remain competitive. If a potential hire isn't available 24/7 they won't get hired. Low-wage jobs often mean evening and over night hours, which means these same people aren't home to raise their children. The low wages impact the local society, school systems, and everything in between. I believe the wealthy are unaware of these problems and their affects and I don't think they understand the inability to escape from this cycle. It's not about people being lazy or not wanting to pay for things, it's the fact that they're repressed and their not even afforded to opportunity to escape.

  • Not at all

    There are some problems with the working man's life, but I'm not sure if government interference will help out any more than other interventions. I think that we do need to think about how much our work ethic effects our levels of depression and other items. I don't think the government is needed though.

  • No, America should not rethink the work life.

    I do not believe that it is necessary for America to rethink the work life. I think the way the format exists today is fair. If anything, an individual should rethink their work life. I think the great thing about America is that people have the right to choose for themselves.

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