Do you think the government should work on flying pigs?

Asked by: bananaunicorn4
  • Pigs need to fly!

    Once when I was a lad, my mum said that I could get a horse when pigs fly. That's why pigs need to fly, I want a horse! Plus, how awesome would it be? Think of it, instead of planes, people could fly by pig. Making pigs fly is the first step to a brighter tomorrow.

  • Yes to flying pigs

    Come on it would be awsome sure we have to mess with there dna but it would be awsome it would make more meat and they wont be in the mud as often so i say yes because flying pigs would be great for the communaty of pigs and people

  • Bacon wings? GLORIOUS

    We need this to happen. When we can have deep fried bacon wings like chicken wings, I will be a god. The bacon will make us superhuman and help us kill the evil sheep. For the glory of Robbaz, we need this for awesomeness. The goats will help us save Thor from losing Valhalla.

  • No way should you mess with nature like that

    Oh my gosh that just wouldn't be right. You shouldn't try to genetically change something because you want to. Animals evolve so they can adapt to their environment, this was Darwin's theory on evolution. As for Bananaunicorn4's post that is totally selfish. I want one too, but I refuse to mess with a living things genetic code to get what I want.

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