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  • Yeah just saying

    Being a part of it, i know it is fake. Im a front line of defence guys. My wife was killed when i was just a boy. My name back then was Sanford, i had to change it to Harold when i was 33 to protect my identity. When i was 12 i got my leg eaten off by a shark. I know the difference between real and fake in this world. I was part of the freak, behind the scenes in the background, i happened to meet the love of my life, she doesn't know it yet but i want to be a women

  • Video Documented Family

    His name is Steven. He has actual anger issues. His anger episodes have been recorded by his brother in many occasions. You can find them online if you look. Hes even had anger breakdowns in interviews, which have also been caught on camera. This kid has actual problems. It wasn't a rehearsed one-off.

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deathcake says2016-04-02T04:04:53.273
Always love the enemy more then you lovwe the friend. Always take the cake befor chewing the [pie words to live by yooo