Do you think the heavy police presence for the 2015 Boston Marathon is overkill?

  • Overkill in Boston

    A heavy police presence is overkill, not because police wouldn't be useful in a dangerous situation, but because terrorists are unlikely to hit the same place twice. They know everyone is watching that location in Boston, so they are unlikely to hit there again. I think our men in uniform should be mostly at other monuments and vulnerable places that day.

  • Boston Bombing Fraud

    Considering the Boston bombing was a hoax and a fraud. Yes, it is unnecessary. Research and see for yourself that the Boston marathon bombing did not happen the way that you were told. No terrorists are being stopped today. Its a way to steal more freedoms and bring in the police state

  • Better safe than sorry

    With the amount of people that gather for that thing, coupled with what happened recently I don't think it is overkill. As long as they are there to monitor anything big that comes up and not just looking for reasons to issue out tickets to people. For safety its the right thing to do.

  • It makes People Feel Safe

    I think a heavy police presence for the marathon isn't overkill because it will give people a sense of security. It is unlikely that anything would happen at the event, but I think taking into account the fear that could come from an unseen potential attacker, it is an appropriate move.

  • Yes, a strong police presence would be reassuring for marathon participants and observers

    I don't think it's overkill to have a fair number of police and good security at the 2015 Boston Marathon. Though I don't think it would be healthy for the police presence to be overwhelming, I think that having a strong presence will help put participants' and observers' minds at ease. It can also help prevent any attempted attacks, which may potentially occur since it is such a populated event.

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