• If the fight is to do away with them, yes.

    The hijab, along with the burka and niqab, are part of a centuries old campaign against Muslim women by men seeking to assert their power and dominance over them. If you are fighting to preserve these things, you are a pig. If you are fighting to eradicate these symbols of oppression, you are progressive.

  • Its a symbol of oppression

    The Hijab is a symbol of the oppression of women. It shows women as being somehow "less than" a man and less worth of respect. And it's sexist to its core. Is it the most pressing issue facing society? Perhaps not. But I think human rights and human dignity are worth fighting for.

  • It's a woman's right

    If a woman is forced to wear hijab than that's one thing. If she chooses to wear hijab than that's a nother thing. A persons right to choose what they wear and how they express them selves is very important. If a girl is being forced to wear hijab than it's important to fight for her rights. If she's being forced to take off hijab when she really wants to wear it than its also very important to make sure that she is able to do as she pleases. Freedom of religion is important.

  • So long as it doesn't cover the Face

    If it covers the face then it should be banned as it's a security issue. This is even more important in today society because of terrorism and the west unwilligness to stop muslims invading thier countries. I have a Turkish friend who was raised muslim and he said we westerners shouldn't be letting them in as there goal was to cause trouble and eventually take over they country.

  • Not To Me

    I do not believe hijab is important enough to fight over. To me these head dressings are no different than a scarf or a hat and they shouldn't make people upset. I believe our inability to accept a simple hijab says a lot about our intolerance as a nation, in my opinion.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that the Hijab is all that important to any persons life, and that there is not a reason to go and fight over it. I think that some think it is important, but it does not really help people out all that much in real life.

  • Why should we fight

    Why would a country founded on other than Islamic ideals need to fight over the Hijab? It is the responsibility of immigrants to assimilate into their host culture, not to demand that the host culture change to suit their needs. The use of the Hijab is isolated to a very small localized culture. There is no reason that this should have become a global debate. Western countries need to stop fighting this fight and simply enforce their own values upon which the country was founded. Let the immigrants decide whether they can accept a new culture or not, rather than cater to their every whim.

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