Do you think the Hiroshima atomic bomb was a good way to end the Pacific War?

Asked by: Skt1Faker
  • Time for some history

    I know a few things about this war, and one thing I know is this: a lot more people would have died had we gone threw with Operation Downfall, many more would have died. If you know about this part of the war you should know Operation Downfall was the alternative to the bombings. It was an all out invasion of the Japanese islands moving from island to island attacking until the Japanese surrender. Yes, the Americans would have originally gone in with the intent to only attack soldiers, but the mindset of society back then was that the emperor was the head of them all, and their sole goal was to keep him alive. They would have fought with anything they had. Some Japanese civilians had already attacked our soldiers with things like clubs, and we cannot calculate how many civilians would have died, but in numbers our best guess is that it would look like an atrocity worse than Hitler's. One more thing to know is that the attack wasn't just a random bomb. We warned the people to get out of the cities because we were going to blow them up. We dropped fliers on them with bombers, and we hacked their radio so we could warn them all what was coming. The people that stayed in the city were warned days in advance to get out of there. We ended the war and saved lives, particularly American lives, which is kind of the goal of soldiers don't you think? The bombings sucked for the people got hit. It sucked even for the pilot who dropped the bomb and immediately said "oh god what have I done?" But the number of casualties during Operation Downfall would have also sucked. Do you know why? "Personnel at the Navy Department estimated that the total losses to America would be between 1.7 and 4 million with 400,000 to 800,000 deaths. The same department estimated that there would be up to 10 million Japanese casualties." http://www.Historylearningsite.Co.Uk/operation_downfall.Htm

  • It was a fair way to end the war

    Japan started the Pacific War and many people died. Many countries and UN tried to stop the Pacific war but Japan don't even cares about what other countries are saying. Because of this UN decided to shoot a atomic bomb to Japan. When they get hitted by the atomic bomb, they finally stopped the Pacific War. I think it was the fair way and fastest way to end a war and I also think it was the result what Japan had made.

  • It Saved American Lives!

    Truman, as President, was responsible for our troops. Using the atomic bomb saved lives, when compared to the estimated casualties with an invasion of Japan. Truman even went a step farther. He wrote a letter to Hirohito -- literally told the enemy that we had a weapon that could unleash massive damage & casualties. He wasn't required to do so. Nobody in Tokyo sent FDR a telegram on December 1, 1941, to suggest a pending attack on Pearl Harbor. You don't show your hand, in a game of Poker. Still, Truman did this. It was ignored by the Japanese.

    Which brings us back to Truman's responsibility as President of the United States ... To end the war as quickly as possible, with a victory and as few U.S. Casualties as possible. By using the atomic bomb, he did that. So, its usage served a good purpose. Victory, in any war, marks the stronger and weaker power. Victory also has its price. In WWII, it was rebuilding Europe & Japan. It was also seeing generations debate whether or not the bomb should have been used to end that conflict. Instead, they should be remembering how the U.S. Ended up in WWII.

  • Teach the japs a lesson

    Japs always say “Never Again” to Hiroshima. They don’t say “never again” to Manila, Nor Nanjing nor to the Bataan Death March. They say “never happened”.

    Japs needed to learn the pain they inflicted on the 30 million innocent men, Women, Children and babies they butchered.
    Japs needed to learn from the best teacher of all: first hand experience.
    For this reason, I fully support the firebombing and nuking of 69 jap cities. So every single jap will know a mother or aunt or baby or nephew or son who died in the war.
    Only then they truly understand the devastation and suffering they wrought on all of Asia.
    Then they all say “never again” to war with all their hearts.

  • The Japanese people are not to blame for starting the war.

    While the Japanese did very horrendous things, the residents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had nothing to do with the Japanese atrocities in places such as Nanjing, bombing of Pearl Harbor, etc. By abusing the Japanese cultural idea of Bushido (never surrender) the USA found excuses to and find a reason to use their newly created weapons of mass destruction on the innocent populace of Japan. Although "estimates" have put that a full-out invasion of Japan by US forces would be very bloody, they are the ones fighting the war, not the families of people living on the Japanese mainland. They had nothing to do with the war, yet they were affected and even now and recently being affected by it due to the radiation that has stained the areas, causing leukemia and various other radiation-related illnesses. If the USA wanted to put Japan in its place, it had to invade it, regardless of the consequences. We chose to invade Normandy Beach on D-Day despite the harsh death toll that would come out of it. The bombing was not really as much as to "end the war" but as to instill a superiority complex that dethroned Japan as the king of the Pacific to the USA.

  • The Atomic Bombing was inhumane

    Come on people, Japan was just a useless little island! The atomic bombing was a billion times worse than the pearl harbor bombing! If you think it WAS a good way, your crazy!

    Obama is trying to "negotiate" with Isis while they chopped millions of people heads off in the most disgusting and harsh way, how could they not "negotiate" with Japan instead of killing and harming millions of people, and kids!

    Do a favor for me and look up pictures of the atomic bombing, it will break your heart what it did to children and families...

  • It endowed Japan with a right to do the same in future.

    Japan can do the same to the US.

    Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD): Nuclear weapons are not to be used because if anyone uses it, the other would retaliate, leading to total destruction. But the US did it; and did it twice to Japan. But Japan has not retaliated yet.

    If there'll be a nation that would use a nuclear weapon and be not blamed by the world nations, it will be Japan and the target is the US. It is a response, not the first attack. If the US justifies theirs, Japan can justify theirs more easily.

    Fortunately, the US and Japan have a good relationship at the moment,
    and there's almost no chance that Japan executes their right.
    But no one knows what would happen in future.
    The American live with the fear deep inside.

  • ...... Wrong way to go about it ....

    Looking at Hiroshima deaths, and all of aftermath...No, no, no... Atomic bomb is wrong way to go about it. We need to reach a higher consciousness in many areas, this is one of them. "

    I am tired of watching and allowing old men decide when and where our young men die"!

  • Facing the hard truth

    The atomic bombs did not, and I repeat DID NOT end the war with Japan.
    I know this may sound outlandish and wrong, but I deeply encourage you to do some research on this topic, or at least just Google it.

    The event that pushed Japan to surrender was the Soviet invasion of Manchuria. It destroyed Japan's kwantung army, which they were planning to use for the defense of the home islands.
    That, now reinforced by the threat that the Soviets were going to actually invade mainland Japan before the US, finally pushed Japan's military leaders to surrender.

    After the first bombing (Hiroshima), the non-military and military leaders were going to have a meeting on the issue, but then it was canceled because the problem wasn't actually that big. The fire bombing of Tokyo had a much more severe impact than both the A-bombs combined, really.

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