Do you think the history of Jews in the United States has influenced political relations between the American and Israeli governments?

  • Jewish contributions to the fabric of American society help strengthen relations between American and Israeli governments.

    Jewish Americans have historic ethnic-serving foundations that help strengthen the ties between Israeli and American governments. Jewish Americans have contributed to the fabric of the history of the United States and this strength carries over into the political realm. Political contributions as well as the existence of Jewish-American politicians also help ensure this.

  • Yes, I think the history of Jews in America has influenced political relations with Israel

    For a long time, America was the only really safe haven for Jews. Although there was some persecution in the United States, there was never mass genocide or pogrom-like activities. For the most part, until Israel came into being as a full Jewish state, America was the only place where Jews could find any real measure of freedom and prosperity. So, yes, the two countries share that bond and it continues to influence relations between the two countries.

  • Yes, and Israel and the United States must always be close friends

    Jews have been part of American history from the very beginning.
    They remain an important segment of the United States population, contributing
    as fully as any other group to American life. The friendship between the United
    States and Israel is indeed partly a matter of political expediency on both
    sides. Yet the two countries really do share common liberal values, and a similar
    belief in tolerance, progress and freedom.

  • Only Reason We Give Israel Billions in Aid

    A vocal Jewish minority in the United States has demanded Congress give billions of dollars in foreign aid to Israel every year. Aside from oil interests in the Middle East, this minority voice in America is the only reason why we give so much money to Israel. Instead of having such cozy relations with Israel, why not take care of our own citizens for a change?

  • The US's special relationship with Israel is due largely to its own Jewish population.

    The United States has an incredibly close relationship with Israel. If one considers Israel's small size, population, and lack of resources, then the US invests an incredibly disproportionate amount of time, money, and diplomatic influence in support of the Jewish state. This is largely due to the US's influential Jewish population and the various pro-Israel lobbying organizations and groups set up by American Jews. The Israeli lobby is considered one of the most powerful and effective in Washington DC.

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