Do you think the increase in EU asylum applications is a symptom of a big underlying problem?

  • The European asylum system is laden with fraud.

    The majority of 'asylum seekers' in the European Union today are in fact fraudulent, deliberately coming to Europe for personal economic gain, as opposed to being forcibly evicted from their countries for political or religious reasons. This is evidenced by the fact that rather than seeking asylum in neighboring safe countries in their home regions, they make great treks to Europe, often passing through multiple safe countries on the way. They are after generous European social benefits, the real reason for increased asylum applications.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe the increase in EU asylum applications is a symptom of a big underlying problem. I believe this increase is in part due to the every increasing domination of government over individuals lives. I believe governments are becoming more repressive, especially the United States, and this is starting to show in many ways, across the planet.

  • This is a big problem.

    The increase in EU asylum applications is a symptom of a big underlying problem for sure. This is because both Romani and African immigrants are coming into EU countries to seep aid from them. These immigrants see EU countries as resources that will take pity and give them shelter, food, aid, and work. They can't get help where they are from.

  • Asylum seekers are becoming better informed

    Correlation is never axiomatically causation. The actual cause is anyone's guess, but plausible answers are readily at hand. First, there could just be easier access to asylum applications. Second, there could be a greater respect for asylum in the EU versus other countries, which is increasing EU asylum applications as opposed to elsewhere. Third, there could legitimately be some "big underlying problem." Occam's Razor says the first two explanations are more likely.

  • Yes, the jump in EU asylum applications means that there are hidden problems.

    Yes, the increase in asylum applications means that problems are out there below the world's radar. When people seek asylum, there are generally doing so out of a desire for self-preservation. The EU and the United States should look into the causes for these elevated numbers and find a way to remedy them.

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