• For the most part

    I imagine that it's very rare for a person to use print encyclopedias anymore. I suppose that older people and school students still use them, but probably not very often. With the internet, there are endless amounts of information, so much so that a person barely needs to crack a book to find info anymore.

  • Yes, the internet has made them obsolete.

    The internet has made old fashioned encyclopedias obsolete. No one has a need to open up a huge book and search its pages for a topic. You can just google a topic and get an answer instantly. Schools and libraries no longer keep encyclopedia sets either. In short, the encyclopedia has become extinct.

  • People don't use them anymore.

    There are not very many people who keep encyclopedias in their homes any more. Back in the 1980s, anyone who could afford them purchased a set of encyclopedias. Kids loved to read them. Now, people just get online to see what they want to know. Online versions can be updated much faster.

  • The Internet has made print encyclopedias obsolete

    The Internet has made print encyclopedias obsolete, as well as many other forms of printed publications. The economy is rife with closures for businesses, newspapers, and magazines due to the advent of easy access over the Internet compared to having to thumb through hardcopy text. It is only a matter of time before all print publications are dead and buried.

  • Are facts obsolete

    Most universities/professors require hard'coded facts. What I mean is most of articles/blogs might be publish by well known news company but some are regular people that works at Wal-Mart. So when getting a paper back and points are taken off because of a vague answer off the internet, with a hard cover book as an encyclopedia to open it and say here is the black and white fact. Thumbs up if this make sense....

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