• iPhone 6 price

    Yes I do think that the iPhone 6 is worth the price for people that can afford it. It is the newest greatest and the most updated phone on the market as of right now. It has so many different things that it can do that makes it well worth the price.

  • A lot more better options

    Like others said the iphone 6 is a) overprice and b) iOS sucks, Android IMO is better, but that`s debatable. Anyhow there is always other options that are better cheaper and frankly more reliable. Apple just keep throwing out thinner and flashier versions and expecting you to put down hundred of dollars, not a good deal

  • No. The iPhone 6 is not worth the price.

    Most of the price tag on the iPhone 6 is the name. Apple has many customer so dedicated to the brand that they refuse to shop around for other products despite the Apple product's shortcomings. With that being said, Apple can get away with charging a lot more for the iPhone's because people will literally camp out for days before they come out just to buy one.

  • Lots of other phones.

    No, I do not think that the iPhone6 is worth the price, because there are a lot of other phones on the market that get the job done. I would worry about having a computer that is that expensive on my person at all times. There are other inexpensive phones that let you call, text, and surf the net.

  • They never are

    There's no denying that the iPhone is a nice phone. But as usual with Apple devices, it's hideously overpriced. A lot of the features are things that have been available from other manufacturers for two or three years now. There's nothing on the new iPhone to justify the price, but as usual people will pay it - they always do.

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