• Even mainstream media agrees

    I have been debunking and destroying fringe blogs for months, that posted global weather maps and ocean current patterns claiming to be radiation charts and graphs, showing heavy doses from Fukushima reaching the west coast for months, i still believe they're severely overblown nonsense, which ignores just how very many nuclear weapons have been test detonated around the world the last few decades, but i do believe that some amounts of radiation from the incident may reach the American west coast.

  • Yes, the Japanese earthquake will cause coastal pollution.

    I definitely think that the Japanes earthquake has already caused coastal pollution in the United States. More and more evidence are being seen that the earthquake in Japan that damaged one of their nuclear plants had an effect on the marine life in the Pacific Ocean. I think more and more people will agree with this.

  • No, I do not believe the latest Japanese earthquake will cause coastal pollution in the US

    I do not believe the latest Japanese earthquake will cause coastal pollution in the United States. It was only a moderate earthquake and was probably not of a magnitude severe enough to cause noticeable pollution on the coast of the United States. It would take a really strong earthquake that produced Tsunami waves to cause pollution to our coast.

  • Just more of what we are already doing

    It will bring more pollution, but many of our coasts are already littered with pollution. We just need to get the people who are in trouble with the law to clean some of it up. I am sure they would rather do that than go to county jail or prison.

  • No, I don't think the Japanese earthquake will cause problems for the US.

    The US is simply too far away from Japan for their problems associated with the earthquake to cause any problems on the US coast. This includes toxic waste which would empty into the largest ocean on the world, which also happens to be connected to every other ocean in the world.

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