Do you think the judge should have granted Kesha a preliminary injunction?

  • Kesha should have been granted a preliminary injunction in her trial.

    What has happened to Kesha for the past several years while she has been contracted with current record label company is horrific, and is a perfect display of how women are treated and viewed in the United States. Kesha should have been granted a preliminary injunction, and she should have been allowed to exit her record deal and sign with a new company.

  • The reason why the judicial process exists is to bring in the human element.

    It is true that there are some cases in which hands are tied because of the way the law is written. Was that the case with Kesha? Perhaps to some degree. But a judge that is more keen on the process would understand that civil lawsuits are a matter of settling disputes. When it comes to money and transactions, there are no constitutionally protected rights, but with many traits that respond to our liveliness, there are. The human element seemed to be missing from the judgment, which is unfortunate, because I believe that's why we have a judicial process in the first place.

  • Yes, I think the judge should have granted Kesha a preliminary injunction.

    I think the judge should have granted Kesha a preliminary injunction because she deserved the right to argue her case. The judge not granting her the injunction denied her the opportunity to explain and give evidence as to why she wanted to end her contract, which is injust to someone who may be a victim of sexual violence.

  • Preliminary Injunction should have been granted for Kesha

    The request for a preliminary injunction for Kesha in the case against Dr. Luke should have been granted by a judge because it would have allowed the singer to move forward with her life. As of now, she can not do her job to her fullest potential, as an artist. Her career is already at a stand still because of the allegations. As a female, it appears that she is powerless when it comes to some decisions in her career and mostly men are controlling her life.

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