Do you think the jury was correct in awarding Erin Andrews $55 million?

  • Yes, Erin Andrews deserwed that win she got in that case.

    On one side, we have all these celebrities posting almost naked photos of themselves online, and on the other, such a big scandal evolves from one person being posted naked online. That is messed up, but, Erin Andrews has a right to her privacy, and the people who filmed her and took pictures of her naked deserved to be punished.

  • $55 million dollars was a bit to much for Erin Andrews to be awarded in her case.

    While what happened to Erin Andrews was startling and no one should ever have to endure it, the jury awarding her $55 million was a bit much. I believe this because money does not make the incident go away, nor will it give her a piece of mind. While I believe she should have been awarded something for her pain and suffering, $55 million does not make the incident nonexistent, and is a bit of an overcompensation.

  • Hotel stalking case setted

    Erin Andrews was awarded a whopping $55 million at the conclusion of her lawsuit. There is no doubt that Andrews was a victim and I'm sure suffered a lot of distress but such a large settlement is grossly out of proportion with the emotional upheaval and damage that has been caused in this case.

  • $55 MIllion Too Much

    Although Erin Andrews was horribly humiliated and definitely deserved recompense for that humiliation, $55 million is a ridiculously large sum of money for damages. The only reason the sum was so high is because of the high visibility of the case. Plaintiffs in other, arguably more seriously damaging circumstances are rarely awarded even a fraction of $55 million, not even in the case of negligent death.

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