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Do you think the Keystone Pipeline will create a lot of jobs once it is completed?

  • Yes it will create jobs but will harm relations with local communities.

    The Keystone Pipeline will create a lot of jobs.The oil companies will hire people from all sectors and due to the increase of oil prices, the need to drill more oil has increased.It will however harm relations. The native Indians will be angry.It does infringe upon their rights as it is passing through their lands.

  • Yes, and maybe more jobs than people think.

    If handled with environmental concerns and conservation in mind, the Keystone pipeline has the potential to created jobs on at least two fronts -- those created by building and operating the pipeline and its facilities and those that help the pipeline corporation and surrounding towns keep the ecosystem clean and healthy.

  • It brings energy to the United States.

    The United States has always been dependent on foreign oil. The Keystone Pipeline is an effort to bring this home. There are jobs that bring good pay in the oil industry, and it's much better that Americans do these jobs. There are people needed to refine and transport the oil.

  • No jobs once completed

    The pipeline is expected to create some construction jobs while being built. However, once it's built, there really aren't any new jobs to be expected. It's projected that there will be a handful of new jobs, given that people will have to operate the pipeline. That number is very low though, and not even worth mentioning.

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