• Yes, I think the Kim dynasty will eventually lose power in North Korea.

    I believe that North Korea is gradually becoming more and more unstable after the death Kim Jong Il, while his son has taken and maintained power over the Country and China continues to protect North Korea I believe eventually the foundations will crack in the regime and the Kim dynasty will fall entirely.

  • Will NEVER happen!

    Kim is a megalomaniac who will never give up his iron fisted grasp on power. Peacefull reunification is impossible. Why don't more people see that. There regime is so transparently totalitarian. Power is all they have. They don't care about their citizens welfare. It's just an organized crime family in charge of a country. Giving up power would be suicide for that regime. It's Kims way or the highway, period.!

  • Not at all

    No, I think that the only way they will ever give up any of the power that they have in North Korea is if someone goes in with a whole lot of force and they make him give up his power, but this would only be done through a war.

  • No, the Kim dynasty will never give up power in North Korea.

    I think that as long as they are given the opportunity to rule in North Korea, the Kim Dynasty will continue in that nation. Unless there is a revolution, I do not see anything in North Korea changing for the better. It's a sad situation, but that is how i is going to be.

  • The Kim dynasty won't give up their power

    I don't believe that the Kim dynasty will ever willingly give up their power in North Korea. With the current leader being the third generation of dictators who are ruling that country with an iron fist, the only way that they will give up power is if they are forced into it. It is too intoxicating and the family has shown no sign that they consider what they are doing to their own people to be wrong.

  • Power is intoxicating

    No communist regime in history has ever willingly given up power. The very notion is absurd. Why should an absolute ruling class rescind its own authority? If the Kim dynasty in North Korea is ever removed from power, it will almost certainly be by force, either through revolution of the people or a coup from a rival family.

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