Do you think the Kosovo War was necessary to gain the country's independence?

  • Serbian History Dictated the Necessity for War

    The Serbs would not have liberated Kosovo because of an ancient battle at Kosovo Pole. Every Serb knows the story of this battle. The Serbs see Kosovo as belonging to their ancestors, and to them. Nationalistic pride would have interfered with any legislative attempt to free Kosovo. Force was necessary because the Serbian population was not emotionally prepared to support the Kosovian liberation movement.


  • Kosovo Would not be Kosovo without war

    As has befallen much of the Eastern block of Europe, Kosovo was born of revolution. Bosnia/Croatia are still a little torn from their internal war. However, this was the nature of things for a long time, and the history of these countries is typically a point of great pride. Tracing generations back beyond the Prussian or even the Persian "Occupations" as they are now referred, is a sense of pride in most of these nations. The only way these borders and names changed was from war. The diplomatic process to gain independence is a complex one. Just ask Texas.

  • Yes I do.

    I do think the Kosovo War was necessary to gain the country's independence because there is really no other way to go about getting independence in this case. Peaceful talks will not be listened to, so Kosovo has no other choice but to go to war to gain their independence.

  • Sometimes violence is necessary.

    Yes, I think the Kosovo War was necessary to gain the country's independence, because that was the only way that the government was going to give up the land. The Kosovo War was a surprising demonstration of military force. Without being able to show this force, the government would not have relented.

  • War is not the answer to everything

    No, I do not think that the war in Kosovo was necessary to gain the country's independence. I think that the war sped up the process of independence, but I do not think it was necessary for the independence of the country. I believe that countries should be able to negotiate and talk out problems that they have without resorting to killing.

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