Do you think the Labor Management Relations Act (LMRA) is outdated?

  • Yes, the LMRA is outdated.

    Simply put, any labor relations law written more than 65 years ago is going to be outdated. The market for labor has simply changed too much. When the LMRA (or Taft-Hartley Act) was passed in 1947, there was no such thing as outsourcing or the internet. Though there are still valuable pieces of the LMRA that can protect workers in fields that still have real physical dangers, there are other parts of the law that need to be updated.

  • Too Much Power For Companies

    I believe the Labor Management Relations Act (LMRA) is outdated. The act may have been needed at the time, but it was too heavy handed. It took too many rights away from unions, but also from employees. I think the act needs to be struck down or readdressed. This legislation is hurting the majority of the American population.

  • The Union Theory in Labor

    While the LMRA was created under Harry Truman’s Presidency (a time in which labor unions were notoriously abusing power with alleged help from certain organized crime), its principles are hardly outdated. The first reason for this is that labor unions are still in existence. The second reason is that there are still disputes about how far reaching labor union powers should go. Thirdly, the individuals in categories of work should not be required to join unions which is the case in many segments of the working world such as plumbing, teaching, and electrician work in many states. Any act that regulates the amount of power a group can hold should always be questioned and when it is done legally then people remain more aware of the issues that surround the group holding power and the consequences of it.

  • Companies are more powerful.

    No, I do not think that the Labor Management Relations Act is outdated, because I think that it is needed more than ever. Today, the companies and the individual workers are becoming more powerful, because the public is wising up to the fact that the unions cannot demand whatever they want under the sun if the businesses are going to stay in business.

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