Do you think the launch of the robot probe Philae is a waste of time and money?

  • Yes, the robot probe Philae is a waste of time and money.

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that across the world, all nations are experiencing serious economic and environmental problems. While throwing money at these problems won't necessarily solve them right away, a budget is a necessary starting point for any solution, and in this light it's very hard to justify the huge sums of money being spent on space exploration all in the name of the cult of science.

  • Yes , i do believe so

    Yes i believe is a waste of time to invest so much money robot probing , these projects require billions of dollars , it is not even worth it now when our country is put on its knees , my opinion is to cancel and restart it in the future when everything will be cheaper.

  • Waste of Money

    I am not exactly sure what for is this so much advertised launch. Google should have better explained what are their goals and aims. What is the pure commercial and what is the scientific value of this project. For me it definitely looks like bragging. Rich guys as the Google owners can spend a ton of money turning a little boy dream come true. Nevertheless what the price is.

  • Waste of money

    Over a billion euros to find out a rock is a rock. Its nothing more than people trying to justify their bloated salaries. These people use the term science to try and justify having a job where their sole goal is to make up projects to continue having a job. I wonder what stupid project they will come up with next in order to justify those bloated salaries? "If we can't think of another probe to launch I can't afford that skiing trip to Switzerland, We better cobble some stuff together and launch it into the sun. Let's space the project out over 15 years though. I need to work on my retirement fund". Give me a break, Get real jobs. Do something useful.

  • Just a waste.

    If tax payer money is funding it, the tax payers should benefit from it. In the past, we have traveled to the moon. How has your life improved because of it? The only thing we learned of value is what we already assumed was true. We assumed the conditions in space were as they are. This is how we built a space ship that could make it there, land, then return. It is also why space suits were designed as they were. Because they were a success meant that the assumptions where correct. Basically, we spent billions so a groups of scientists could say "I told you so."
    What did we get from the moon landings? Moon rocks and some inventions that only a few profit from. The tax payers paid to bring those rocks back and they have to pay again to see them in a museum. How is that fair? Some things where invented such as temper foam (memory foam). It was needed for padding for the space capsule yet even though tax money was spent to develop it, the tax payers have to pay again to use it. The only ones that gain are those developed the product funded by tax money. How is that fair?

    If a private company wants to fund their own future exploration, then by all means, they should. If they are using their own money, then they should be the ones profiting but if the cost is more than the income generated, then they would accept the loss. If we can not profit from money spent, and just have to pay more, why should we fund it in the first place?

  • Scientific progress has always benefited society.

    Leaving aside the fact that this landing was a terrific achievement and that it did not cost a single to US taxpayers, there is always many spin benefits that benefit us all. For example the moon landings led to the development of teflon which has generated new jobs, better cookware and increases tax returns from the trade. It is quite common for the benefit to GDP to far out strip the original investment by Government. This is why even the poorest nations invest in science.

    Posted by: chui
  • No, learning is never a waste of money and people where employed during planning, construction and operation.

    It's not like the money disappears. The money remains in the economy. It creates jobs and opportunities to make technological advancements. If you are truly concerned about money being "wasted," you should look for money that isn't circulating in the economy. Money just sitting in accounts for billionaires, earning interest, is wasted money. This money was used and generated income.

  • `philae is great`!!!

    Just because you don't care about science doesn't mean that other people don't. `it will be a great discovery and we will be able to see what the universe is like and if there are other life forms out there. `it is a great feat to land a freaking robot on a comet.

  • Expensive yes, but not a waste.

    As humans we need to send these probes to certain objects in Space to further understand what they are all about. In this case, it is a Comet. Of course the mission is costly and was not cheap, however nothing is cheap when it comes to space exploration. I think this is a step forward in exploring the vast world that is our Universe.

  • Waste of money? Are you kidding?!

    You see P67 is a comet that scientists suspect is as old as our solar system. So it basically serves as a "library" that holds in it most of the "ingredients" that make life on earth possible. By analyzing those elements we could explain in a much more detailed way how life on this planet emerged.

  • No, it allows us to have a better understanding of the universe.

    The probe Philae landing on the comet P67 allows us to discover more about the universe in its 'raw' state; the comet P67, as far as we currently know, is untouched by organisms and weathering meaning we are able to better understand the basic 'building blocks' of planets regarding the chemical composition and physics of them (gravity, density, composition of radioactive elements).

    Overall it means we better understand what the earth and other (non gaseous) planets/natural satellites are made of, and means we have a better chance of successfully exploring and/or colonising new worlds.

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