• Law does support inventors.

    Law does support inventors. The law is supposed to support and back the inventor of the product not the investor. Anybody that invests money into a product is taking the full risk of the product not working correctly or failing completely. I think that the law supports the inventors always.

  • Yes, the law supports inventors.

    I definitely think that the law protects inventors. There are a lot of ways that the law more than protects inventors as long as the inventor takes the proper precautions in terms of keeping their ideas safe. As long as an inventor is able to patent and copyright their ideas, the law will always be on their side.

  • investors for sure

    Inventors have to go though all kinds of bureaucracy to make sure they get what they are owed. Investors seem to get away with anything they want in this country. The country loves stocks and banks way more than people who actually make things. Companies have been know to dismantle themselves in order to get more money for their shareholders. The inventor is always at a disadvantage in this world.

  • No, investors profit more

    I believe the law supports investors more than inventors because the investors only provide the financial backing necessary, and are able to reap a disproportionate amount of the reward. Inventors may toil in obscurity for years and will not even make the lion's share of their reward as they don't have the wealth and manufacturing ability to fully profit off their invention.

  • I agree that it supports investors but do not agree with inventors

    The law up to some point supports investors section because they deal with capital and investment, but unfortunately the law won't support inventors just as much as it supports investors because the necessity of invention is investment. By existence of investment there would be a loop whole for invention, other wise invention will be non sense because there won't be any fund to spend and invest over invention.

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