• Because you can't fight Santa Claus

    Most people will always vote themselves free stuff. It works off the same principle as fortune tellers. Most reasonable people know that fortune telling is a fraud and yet fortune telling is big business. The weight loss industry works using the same principle. Everyone knows that diet and exercise is the only real way to stay in good shape but most people still fall for the magic bullet that is going to make weight loss unrealistcally easy because most people don't want to face reality. The democrat party are masters at making the unrealistic seem realistic. A sucker's party. Unfortunately it works.

  • Yes,the liberal democratic party will win the next Presidential election.

    Power in american politics always operates on a cyclical pattern.Even though Barack Obama has been power for for some time there needs to be another liberal to really achieve balance and many people blame the republicans for problems in the government and would like to see a liberal president for at least one more term.

  • People are sick of obstruction

    While there are die-hard republicans who will vote for their party no matter what, a majority of the American population have seen the obstructionist policies of the republican party and how they have blocked progress at every possible opportunity. This, combined with the fact that the GOP has no clear frontrunner for 2016, points to a victory for democrats.

  • Yes. i believe the liberal democratic party will win the next Presidential election.

    Yes. I believe the liberal democratic party will win the next Presidential election, because this generations American society is so diverse, with a extensive amount of racial and ethnic backgrounds. So our society is always going to be more liberal. That's why democratic party will always have a big advantage.

  • The assistance programs that thrive under liberal democratic presidencies will continue to be needed

    Obama has left momentum in America today for people who need assistance with health care, unemployment benefits, welfare programs, and Social Security. The economy is not very stable and when people are in doubt they will often continue with the same party system. The chances of the Republican Party winning office are slim because of this.

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  • People are sick of liberal democrats!

    Democrats are lying, scheming pieces of crap! If you can't see this then you are brainwashed beyond help! No amount of propaganda and debate can change this. All of Americas problems, and I mean all, are the fault of democrats. I ain't to much more happy with republicans either, but they better than democrats any day! Stop voting for these people and vote for a independent with no party affiliation! Attack me if you will, it don't change the fact that the democrats are crap!

  • No, I think Americans tend to like change.

    Voters in the United States tend to like change. It generally seems that with the Presidency, people get upset at the current President, and then hold that against his party, feeling that another President of a different party will make things better. While the President doesn't really wield this much power, people project onto him and this seems to be how they respond. Because of that, I would be somewhat surprised if the next President isn't a Republican or a more moderate Democrat.

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