Do you think the Los Angeles Dodgers should have traded Juan Uribe to the Atlanta Braves?

  • Dodgers send 3B Juan Uribe to Braves in 6-player trade

    The Dodgers were able to compliment their roster in a six player trade by Dealing the aging Juan Uribe. Uribe's starting role has already been replaced on the Dodgers' roster. By making the trade, the Dodgers also added a switch hitting role player that can play multiple infield positions for the team when necessary.

  • Juan Uribe should have been traded by the Dodgers.

    The LA Dodgers should have traded Juan Uribe, based on his past performance and the fact that he recently lost his starting job to veteran Justin Turner and rookie Alex Guerroero. His batting average was only .247 with a single home run, and he has only had six RBI in the last 29 games.

  • LA Dodgers should not have traded Juan Uribe to Atlanta Braves

    The Los Angeles Dodgers should realize the importance and value of Juan Uribe when making their decision on whether or not to trade him to the Atlanta Braves. Juan Uribe can bring substantial growth to the team, and trading him would have resulted in a loss of all that he can bring to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

  • The Dodgers should not have traided Juan Uribe to the Braves.

    Juan Uribe was in the perfect spot on the roster before they traded him. The Dodgers are going to suffer from the trade, as they lost two talented players and in turn lost the trade with Atlanta. If Withrow comes back from surgery and is worse for wear, the team is going to be in big trouble.

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