• Girls Aloud produce one-sided pro-female lyrics

    The lyrics of Girls Aloud are sexist. They use phrases such as, "We girls gonna run this show" over and over, and inject other words of anti-masculinity into their songs too. It is fine if it is just one song, but it seems to be a theme with them. People who are into feminist groups might like the music, but not the average person.

  • Misandry is hardly evident in their music

    The girls may be arrogant, but it's more like the teen girl kinda arrogance. "I'm pretty and I get all the lovers" kinda attitude. LOL, kinda makes me wanna live in London or southern England. I don't see any misandry in their music whatsoever from what I can tell at all.

  • Girls Aloud is just a band.

    People tend to get overanalytical with music. College kids are still listening to The Doors and finding new hidden meanings. Sometimes, the words to the songs are just what they were feeling at the time. I don't feel the lyrics to Girls Allowed are sexist. They aren't even gender specific, except to identify what the singer doesn't like. Ask the artist what they meant when they wrote them.

  • The lyrics of Girls Aloud are not sexist.

    The lyrics of Girls Aloud are not sexist. After reading the lyrics of one of their most popular songs called "the Promise", there is no evidence of sexism towards men or women. Girls Aloud is an all Girl band so it is unlikely that they would be sexist towards females. As for their lyrics that refer to men, there is no evidence of sexist remarks towards men.

  • Just making money

    No, I do not think that their lyrics are aimed towards being sexist. Even if they were though, these girls are only wanting to make money and become popular, so they will say whatever they feel like people will want to hear and listen to, they do not try to offend anyone.

  • Everything They've Ever Done

    Girls Aloud is a group that has produced several songs, none of them are titled 'Girls Aloud.' I think it is unfair to assume that an entire body of work is sexist and assuming that is unfair to the group who produced them. Some of their songs may have sexist lyrics, but to say they all do is unfair and unrealistic.

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