Do you think the Make a Difference foundation should work with children in the Middle East?

  • As long as their target is positive around the globe

    Yes, this foundation's base is helping people around the globe. Their effort is about giving a hand to the people especially youth who want to go to school but they can't because of lack of financial sources, as a result of disability. This foundation helps the people who work not just in back yard but people around the globe, therefore, I support the idea that they should help children who need in middle East.

  • Yes, they should work whereever needed.

    I think that if the foundation really wants to make a difference, it should go to the places it's needed most. The Middle East is one of the world's most war-torn areas and there are millions of people children who are in desperate need of help. A true difference could be made there.

  • Yes, Make A Difference foundation should work with all children.

    I think that the Make A Difference foundation should work with children in the Middle East. I do not think that the organization should discriminate against any children just because of their location. Make A Difference should be all about helping those that need the help. That can ideal will make the world a better place.

  • Yes, they should work with them

    It is really bad over there, I think this is a great idea, outreach like this for the children should always be done. The kids have nothing to do with the issues over there, and one day they will inherit them, but we should still show them, people do care.

  • No They Shouldn't

    According to the Wikipedia page for the Make A Difference foundation, it only serves those in India. For this reason I do not feel they should feel obligated to help children in the Middle East. If someone wants these children to receive similar services then I suggest they create and fund their own foundation.

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