Do you think the media has a human image compatible with traditional Indian values?

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  • Mass Media is More Forward-Thinking

    Mass media outlets are more forward-thinking and modern as opposed to traditional. As such, the media doesn't have a human image compatible with traditional Indian values because we live in a world where the Internet thrives. Traditional Indian values revolve around Hinduism and the caste system, not around modern things like manufacturing and computers.

  • I don't think the media has a human image compatible with the Indian values

    I don't think the media has a human image compatible with the Indian values. I believe it is distorted greatly and has been so for quite some time. Whatever we have seen on tv has changed dramatically and is not the same. Indian values are quite different from what the media portrays, and often it is clouded and not clear.

  • No, not at all

    I think the media is very far out of touch with anything that resembles a traditional value. I'm not sure they even know what that means. The media has become a business and they specialize in giving people what they want. If people wanted more traditional Indian values, then maybe the media would change their image.

  • No, the media is not human.

    I think that the media is aggressive. It will pounce on a news story to boost it's ratings. The media's first goal is to keep profits rolling in from advertisements. This is why they will report on anything and possibly even tell a few lies. Their goal is to make money, not inform.

  • I'm Not Really Sure

    I think this question really lacks substance because I don't really understand what the human image is suppose to mean. Media is something available in pretty much every corner of the world and most places have local media that conforms to the traditional values of the residents surrounding them. However, it's really difficult to ascertain what exactly the question asker wants to know.

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