Do you think the media today are telling us the complete truth?

Asked by: Bookworm14Cats
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  • Glad to see 100% thinks no

    Open any newspaper magazine or website. Do you legit think half that stuff is real?? I don't even have an argument of this cause I'm tired rm so I need 20 more words. The media lies about every thing they speak of. Please do not listen yo them ever again and also I suck at typing sorry

  • It's not their fault:

    They don't actually know the "complete truth" to tell. Everything has bias. Everyone has bias. All outlets have an agenda. Even the most truthful recounts of events and even of the simplest sort will contain bias and be inherently skewed by human perception and emotions. It's why we let machines like recording devices do the talking.

  • Is this even a question?

    Of course not. They change every story to fit what people want to hear whether that's flaws in a big time celebrity or what atrocities soldiers might have committed and then leave out everything that suggests that they're lying or that it was justified. Somehow people tend to forget that the media is just a giant company trying to draw in customers. Remember the 'Spaghetti Harvest' incident on April Fools way back when? That media company got a bunch of calls from people asking where they could get Spaghetti Tree seeds or where the orchards were. People are only too willing to believe things, even if they are obviously lies or tricks.

  • Of course not.

    The media isn't telling the comets truth and really has never been. Maybe an argument can be made that media was at some point more truthful, but definitely not as much nowadays. Currently, media is ruled by journalists and opinionists and journalists have opinions. Opinions lead to bias. It isn't really unusual for biased people to leave out information that doesn't back their views. And lastly, since media isn't omniscient, a lot of day to day activity is left out. So media doesn't tell the whole truth, and not only that, it simply can't tell the whole truth.

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