Do you think the Memphis attack of "white boy" was racially motivated?

  • Memphis attack of "white boy" had to be racially motivated.

    In my mind, there was no way this attack was not racially motivated. The attackers were all black and used racial slurs at the defender. The man who was attacked was beaten because of his racial identity, so therefore it was raciall motivated. Racism is a terrible evil and it works on both sides.

  • Seems fairly obvious

    This was obviously racially motivated. Where is Al Sharpton? I wonder why he isn't condemning this behavior. I'll also say that this is why I carry a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9mm and an extra magazine. Headlines would have been a lot different then! Of course, then it would read "White guy kills two unarmed black guys" and Sharpton would be up in arms...No pun intended.

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  • Yes it was

    If the races were reversed this would be labeled a hate crime right away. I can not believe that we are debating whether it is or is not a hate crime. This reminds me of the murder of Zemir Begic. Zemir was beaten to death with a hammer by thugs who yelled "kill whitey" and authorities didn't lable it a hate crime!.

  • I think it was

    I think it probably was. Most times it goes unreported, but a lot of attacks are racially motivated. Memphis is a city with very strained race relations. I think this is most likely racially motivated unfortunately. We live in a world that is in fairly bad shape in terms of increasing racial tension.

  • It appears to have been racially motivated

    It's sad but this man was first called "white boy" before being attacked by two African American assailants. It could have been silly teenagers with too much testosterone looking for trouble but unfortunately with the calling out of the man's race seems to point to a racially motivated crime. They have not been arrested yet so it's hard to make a full judgement but all signs seem to point in that direction. The man suffered severe injuries so hopefully an arrest of the perpetraters will happen soon.

  • Yes, "white boy" sounds like the attackers assaulted the victim because he is white.

    The victim was called "white boy" before he was attacked, which makes me believe that the attack was racially motivated. It sounds like the reason the attackers choose to assault him was because he is white. There are a lot of racially motivated crimes against people of colour, so the attackers may have assaulted him as a sense of retaliation.

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