• Home Shopping is here to stay

    It's funny how we have become a nation of home shoppers. We are already overloading companies like Fedex and criticisizing them for not getting our presents to us in time. This movie will definitely exacerbate the home shopping phenomena. We are a nation of couch potatoes that would prefer to get things easily at our fingertips than go out to forage for new goods. I for one would rather buy on line than fight traffic, peruse for a parking space, and stand in a twenty minute line to make a purchase. The movie "Joy" will definitely cause more informercials to hit our airwaves sooner than later.

  • Any publicity is good publicity for a product

    The movie "Joy" will more than likely increase sales in home shopping. Advertising in any form usually works to get eyes on a product, and it stands to reason that people who never watched a home shopping channel may tune in after see the movie. It may also inspire people to try to invent a product that can be sold on a home shopping network.

  • Yes I agree

    Joy is an inspirational story and I think like all inspirational stories, it will cause a surge in its particular topic area, this one being home shopping. I think it will also cause a surge of people trying to invent products - such as Shark Tank has done - many entrepreneurs out there.

  • The Movie "Joy" Will Not Cause a Surge in Home Shopping

    The movie "Joy," starring Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro will not cause a surge in home shopping. For a movie to greatly affect a population to the point of a noticeable "surge" in an area of behavior, it must in itself be widely seen and regarded. With the Star Wars franchise still monopolizing theater audiences, it would be a hyperbole to say that "Joy" will be the direct cause for a surge in any population's behaviors.

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