• I found it pretty funny.

    Masterminds was no masterpiece, but I had a good time watching it. I will not be praising the movie day in and day out, but I find that it was a welcome diversion from the seriousness of our world. I can see why people may not like it, though it isn't a movie one should take too seriously.

  • Yes they are funny

    Galifianakis, who is funny in other projects, is at his most broad and unbearable, stretching a yokel accent beyond all credibility as “dumb guy” David Ghantt. He works for an armoured car company and lives in a trailer with his nag of a fiancee Jandice (Kate McKinnon). He yearns for excitement, and when flirty Kelly (Kristen Wiig) joins the company, then flames out and is fired, he is smitten.
    When I got up this morning I didn’t think I’d go to bed with a vision of Zach Galifianakis sharting in a swimming pool. There’s nothing in my medicine cabinet or on my liquor shelf that can help me right now.

    In December 2015, I reviewed Jared Hess’s Don Verdean and, after suffering through it and his previous catastrophe, Gentlemen Broncos, I vowed I would never see one of Hess’s movies again. Had I known Hess was the director of Masterminds when my editor gave me this assignment, I would have fibbed and said I had an evening dental appointment. Frankly, a tooth extraction without painkillers would have been far more enjoyable.

    Kelly’s loser pal Steve (Owen Wilson) convinces Kelly that she can probably charm David into being the inside man for a vault heist. One marginally entertaining robbery sequence later and these dopes have somehow lifted over $17m in cash. David skips to Mexico to wait for the heat to die down, and that’s when the infighting begins.

  • Yes, the movie is funny.

    Yes, Masterminds is a new release that is intended to be funny and hilarious. It has comedic actors and an absurdist point of view. The writing, acting, and overall feel are intended to be funny and entertaining. It may not appeal to all audiences, and really, no movie does, but for some folks it is funny.

  • No, I think it is not

    No, I personally haven't seen this movie, and I don't even have the need to. I have seen the pictures of the characters, heard and read some reviews and no one says anything good about it. I don't want to waste my time on something no one likes. I don't even like its trailer, so why waste time on the movie itself?

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Masterminds is a bit of an interesting case study, as it is basically a Coen brothers film but put through a mechanism that removes all the wit, visual style or excitement. In its place are tortuously dull set-pieces, rambling dialogue and banal stagings. The trailer for this movie was terrible.

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