Do you think the multiple earthquakes in the San Francisco area on Sunday are cause for concern?

  • Our impact on the world

    I think that we need to look at the recent surge in earthquake activity and assess our involvement in these phenomenon. It seems that everyday new instances of natural disasters are shaking the world but we continue on with business as usual. Is mankind the cause of these catastrophes? We need to answer that question soon.

  • The San Andreas Fault Line

    The San Andreas Fault Line is extremely close by. These earthquakes are definitely a cause for concern because it indicates activity in the fault line. California is also sinking due to unregulated usage of ground water. The earthquakes in a sinking state that lies on a fault line is an obvious cause for concern.

  • Something is making the earth shake

    Though it is part of the Earths movement having multiple quakes raises serious concerns. The fault lines are moving. Peoples lives might not be as big of risk but the property could face serious damage. The example for fear was the fact that according rescue workers in the Bay area kSaturday a series of avalanches that killed at people.

  • Not my problem.

    Are they worried when tornado strike the Midwest or when hurricanes strike the East Coast? Of course not. So why should we care if they plummet into the Pacific? The only people that should be concerned are those who live close to the fault or have property that may fall into the ocean. If they are that concerned, they should move far away from the coast where it is less likely. Odds are they can buy new land for far less. Sure, you don't have the nice ocean view but if they wait too long, the view will be under water. If enough people flee the Pacific coast, land values will go down freeing it up for more disposable use like farming or shipping. If a farm or shipping docks fall into the ocean, not as many die and very few loose their homes.
    In the end. No matter where you go, there is always some level of danger. Just pick the amount of or kind of danger you can handle. If it turns out you can't handle the danger, that's your problem.

  • No, earthquakes are common in the Bay Area

    The earthquakes that rattled the San Francisco area on Sunday are not necessarily cause for concern because none of them was very strong. The strongest was a magnitude 4.0. Moreover, some scientists believe that small earthquakes such as these relieve pressure on the fault line and so could make a large quake less likely in the near future rather than more likely.

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