Do you think the murder investigation of a car bomb in Berlin will lead to a finding linked to terrorism?

  • Yes, it is likely an act of terrorism

    Car bombing has been a prevalent type of terrorism in recent times. Extremist groups target large groups at once, often with a bombing in a public place. Many bombings have taken place in several different countries in Europe, increasingly so in the last few months. This would lead someone to believe that this car bombing was likely an act of terrorism.

  • Murder Investigation of Car Bomb in Berlin Will Lead to Discovery of Terrorism Link

    A recent murder investigation of a car bomb in Berlin will lead to findings linked to terrorism. This is because ISIL is becoming a threat to international security, weaving webs that are increasingly intricate and treacherous. ISIL has often used tactics such as car bombs in the past, so it is not surprising that this new incident will prove to be linked to their activities as well.

  • Car bombs usually have terrorist origins

    Car bombs usually have terrorist origins. The origin could be right-wing, left-wing, affiliated with religion, or something else. But it would be rare for it not to be related to terrorism. There are a lot of problems in Western Europe because of migrants, and the bomb could have been set off by one of them, their friends, or people against the migrants.

  • What, exactly, does it mean "lead" to "terrorism" - as good a choice as any other reason!

    I know. I know,.I know how oddly I see the world, the events taking place and the many varied ways people choose to let the former interest them. There is a murder investigation. Who cares where discovery will lead as to a link closely associated with terrorism. There has been a murder, now being investigate and I am not clear as to why someone would speculate, spend time discussing or "get their panties in a bunch" until the investigation has been concluded and the outcome becoming public knowledge. At that point, just what can be done?

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