• Napster lawsuit was good

    The Napster lawsuit was good for the music industry because it helped the industry focus on how to best make money properly. Too many people were illegally downloading music and the artists did not know what to do about it. It looks like the industry is on the right path now.

  • There have to be standards.

    Yes, I think that the Napster lawsuit was good for the music industry, because people have to live within the confines of the law. What Napster was doing was absolutely illegal. They were perpetuating illegal activity, and they deserved to have their hands tied. The lawsuit was good to show the public that copyright laws will be enforced.

  • It Was Good

    I believe the Napster lawsuit was good for the music industry. I believe it was important for the music industry to address the problems brought on by Napster because this one Internet entity almost brought the industry to its knees. I believe it enforced the idea that music was being stolen and that such services do indeed break laws and steal product, which negatively impacted the artists.

  • No, the Napster lawsuit was bad for the music industry.

    The music industry as it is today is in shambles. The industry is not the same entertainment power it used to be decades ago. And I think part of that comes from the fact that instead of working with the new technology of the internet, the instead tried to fight it by suing the likes of a thing like Napster.

  • Not that good

    I think that this lawsuit was not all that good for the music industry, and that they would have been a whole lot better off if they would have just left all of this the what that it was before and not try to mess it all up in court.

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