Do you think the new muppet movie do well at the box office?

  • Yes, I think the new Muppet movies will do well at the box office.

    I personally know many people who are looking forward to the release of the new Muppet movie in theaters. I think the film will do very well. It will draw in fans who remember these beloved characters from their own childhood, as well as an entirely new generation of fans who will attend the viewing with their parents.

  • Yes, children's films have done quite well in the box office lately.

    With the popularity of film franchises like Despicable Me and Toy Story, children's movies have come a long way in winning over audiences. Combining this love with a show that was loved by many, the Muppets film is bound to take the box office by storm. Reboots of older shows are all the rage lately. For example, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie has generated a ton of buzz already and isn't due out for months.

  • No, I think the newer generations don't appreciate the muppets as much.

    No, I don't believe the new muppet movie will do well at the box office. Twenty years ago everybody knew who the muppets were. Nowadays, there aren't that many who know and appreciate the muppets. The last two generations didn't grow up with the weekly muppet shows and a lot of these kids don't appreciate the humor of the muppets.

  • I Really Doubt It

    I do not believe the new muppet movie will do well at the box office. Movies for young children have a tendency to have a lack luster performance at the theater. Many people can't afford to take their children to the theater, so that will drastically affect their earnings. I think it will do best when released on DVD and for rent.

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