Do you think the new Need for Speed movie will suck?

Asked by: Dishoungh
  • Very cheesy, cheap, and low-budget

    It's basically a copy and paste movie of the video game series.

    Bad visuals/camera, stereotypical one-dimensional looking character's, cheap/low budget looking, and very little real plot.

    The stunts look cheap and poor, really basic and seems like barely any money was put into it.

    Finally, makes use of too much CGI.

  • I'm not watching it

    I looked at the trailer and it doesn't look promising at all. The camera work looks terrible and the story itself doesn't look very promising either. So much potential has been wasted. The trailer gave away, basically, the entire story. I hate it when movies give away the entire premise.
    1. Dude and brother race this other guy.
    2. Other guy rams brother off the road and dies.
    3. Dude goes down and mourns for his brother's death.
    4. Dude goes to jail.
    5. Dude gets our of jail
    6. Dude goes around to get his revenge.
    7. Dude challenges other guy to another race
    8. Dude gets his revenge.
    9. Dude is happy and rides off to the sunset

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