Do you think the new rainbow 6 will be a good game??

Asked by: dribblerer
  • Yes it will be.

    Tom Clancy always makes good games that i still have and still play, yes they are old and yes the controls are out dated but there is still that element of it want you to enjoy it and have a good time and any Tom Clancy game will show you that. Now in all do respect the multiplayer is shocking in most games, the story and game play on the other hand is something that other games should take note of (i'm looking at you call of duty) and an example of how i know this will be a good, no, amazing game is that ghost recon future soldier was a smash hit and a very well developed game, in my opinion anyway, but i'm shore that the new rainbow 6 will be as good or better and i must say even though the legend Tom Clancy has passed i think that everyone should pull there fingers out and make this the game that everyone wish's it will be.
    Plus rainbow 6 Vegas is my all time favorite game and so was 2 so i have no doubt it will be a game changer for the better and not for worse.

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