• Hard To Ignore The Evidence

    At this point of time, the information war seems to be still in the shadows. That, however, is starting to change as governments and corporations around the world see the value in information gathering and indeed, information sabotage. The evidence is suggesting that government agencies linked to certain governments are behind, or at least involved in, the Regin malware.

  • Yes, Regin malware linked to a government.

    There have been too many reported breaches by government agencies in which governments involvemnt is never disclosed. The anonymity must be a government protocol. A government would never publicly divulge that they are in the business of spying on another country through malware or any other means and they invest extensive funds in data capture by any means.

  • Regin Malware Linked to Government Agencies

    The problem with Regin malware is not whether it is linked to government agencies but the fact that it could be potentially used for (inappropriate) surveillance. There is a line that must be drawn as far as surveillance goes. If civilians are not opting in for these sorts of surveying practices, then they should not be forced to participate.

  • Government and malware. What?

    If it was something the government was going to manage, I feel as though it would be harder to detect than what it is. Most conspiracies seem pathetic. Which this is one that doesn't really hold very well in general. All in all, if the government did it, it wouldn't be found. The government would be behind something more serious than that.

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