Do you think the new releases of Grand Theft Auto are getting better?

  • Improving By A Long Shot

    The Grand Theft Auto franchise is getting better. In Grand Theft Auto V, they added tons of more stuff that could make any game better. Four Wheeler's, Sea Diving, parachutes, the ability to fly helicopters AND airplanes, animals other then flying rats/pigeons, and the fact that you don't have to stick to playing as one character. You get three. All of these, in my opinion, made the Grand Theft Auto series a whole lot better. Thank you, Rockstar.

  • At least in my opinion

    The content and the graphics of every new release look much better than the one before. My favorite is playing online with a friend and there are more features when playing online. The only thing kind of concerning me is that GTA 5 seemed easier to beat than GTA 4. I didn't have to restart any missions in GTA 5 once. It just seemed easier to beat

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