• Yes. "The Passion" is appropriate

    Yes, the new special "The Passion" is appropriate. "The Passion" includes a number of famous singers and is about Jesus' final hours. It is presented by Tyler Perry who has presented a number of popular hits. Some of Perry's hits have been controversial,however, they have all been appropriate. There is nothing wrong with a religious special.

  • IT was the truth about what happened

    The passiion is an amazing special about how amazing jesus christ is and is correct. If people dont like it im sorry. Wedont complain about muslim shows airing or about beinng taught about it in school but one little special goes on for easter and u freak out about it

  • No, a performance that made understanding real! Connecting to "now" the story from "then" created an atmosphere of understanding in a layman's mind.

    Honestly, I thought it was great - and yes, Seal's performance of Mad World was exceptional. All the performances were good and even though it was set in modern times, it held true to the story and was told with dignity and respect. Thought it was very well done both inspirational and entertainingly kept interest. Emotional often. The large amount of people viewing and taking part in such a loving and spiritual way added to the production.

  • What's wrong with it

    I'm not religious, but I don't see anything wrong with showing a musical about Jesus Christ. If anything, it seems like it has done well to take cues from Hamilton with its colorblind casting. There's an irony that people wanted books banned in the 20th century on religious grounds, but now secular folks want to silence the religious.

  • No, there's nothing wrong with it.

    The Passion is a seasonally appropriate show. I see it as one person's modern interpretation of the Biblical story and it seems that a fair amount of faith and care were involved in making it. Granted, not everyone is Christian, but there's nothing wrong with airing it. If something about the show is offensive , or if the topic itself is offensive, just don't watch it.

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