• Yes, ocho will be popular

    It will become popular because the teenagers now will download anything they see everyone else have cause they think this will be a good app for them to use also but when a couple of months go by they will stop using the app cause they found a different app that's better than this one.

  • Yes, Ocho will be popular.

    With the explosion of relatively cheap digital technology, now anyone and their grandma can make a decent quality video recording. That being the case, consumers naturally want a way to share their videos. Also, "gamecasting" has become a very popular way for gamers to interact in the virtual world, and Ocho will play into this market as well.

  • Ocho's Popularity Soars

    Many teens are talking about the new video-sharing app called, Ocho. The teens report that this app is better than Snapchant, and you won't see your parents on it like you would on Facebook. This is the newest generation of video-sharing meant for the teens of today. This will be a hit since the features are way better compared to other video-sharing apps.

  • Swamped market favours titans

    The "app" market is already so huge with so many start ups trying to make their name that a new app would have to really defy the odds to even get noticed. Without a large user base there is no reason people would choose Ocho over any of the many competitors. Vine, the short video sharing app from Twitter already has that huge user base and without significant new features or disruptive technology Ocho will be forgotten or at best marginalised.

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