Do you think the news anchor that confused Samuel L. Jackson and Laurence Fishburn made an honest mistake?

  • They had the question planned

    Yes, the news anchor that confused them did not mean to at all, and the question that she asked had already been planned out for her to say by someone else. It was not her fault that she confused them, it was the program directors who came up with the question.

  • Yes, you can tell he's confused.

    When watching the video, you can see someone off camera tell the anchor about the mistake he's made. He looks truly confused. Then, when Samuel L. Jackson starts to poke fun at him, he looks down in embarrassment, and it only gets worse from there. He starts stammering and tries to make a joke out of it. The guy's memory just slipped for a moment. It seems like a crazy mistake, since Samuel L. Jackson is not easily forgettable, but still, you can tell it was an honest mistake.

  • Reporters make mistakes too.

    The news anchor that confused Samuel L. Jackson and Laurence Fishburn indeed made an honest mistake. While it does look like the reporter was not given adequate preparation and information and he should have been more aware, everyone makes mistakes, even in journalism. The reporter should be forgiven for his error.

  • He might not be a fan

    The newscaster made an honest mistake that hit a sore spot along a classic racist trope - that all black people look the same. People mistake actors all the time; how many casual movie fans have seen a movie on a plane and mentioned the wrong actor? The newscaster just made the mistake at the wrong possible time.

  • Still Not Right

    The news anchor who confused Samuel L. Jackson with Laurence Fishburne probably made an honest mistake. However, anyone who is anyone (especially in Los Angeles) knows the difference between the two men. That anchor will probably never do such an interview again. All he had to do was read the teleprompter to avoid the mistake. Jackson was right when he said, "We don't all look alike, you know?"

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