Do you think the news we hear about Isis and Afghanistan is exaggerated?

  • The success stories of Isis in Afghanistan are exaggerated

    There is no indication of widespread support for Isis from Afghanistan and Pakistan and nearby countries. Isis has yet to establish firm roots in these areas. However, it is thought that the Taliban is re-branding itself as Isis. There is evidence of recruitment efforts by Isis in Afghanistan. Recent strikes by the U.S. military means Isis cannot establish itself as a meaningful force in central Asia.

  • ISIS and Afghanistan news is probably Exaggerated

    In America, we can only rely on news to have any idea about what is going on in with ISIS and Afghanistan. So while what we hear, sadly, is probably true, the news outlets can help sway our opinions and feelings against ISIS and Afghanistan even more by exaggerating news.

  • Hard to know for sure

    Yet there is always sensationalism in the media to make something out of nothing or to exaggerate to make it more newsworthy. Often it is in the government's interest to allow this to go on so that public opinion is easy to get behind you if they think that there is tyranny in the world out there.

  • No I don't

    I don't think the news we hear about ISIS and Afghanistan is exaggerated. ISIS is the biggest threat in the world and Afghanistan is a major part of it. We need to be taking these very seriously and I don't think it's exaggerated. We need to be doing more to combat ISIS.

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