• The NFL did not punish Rice enough

    The NFL, used to overly aggressive men, was too lenient on Rice. He should have been kicked out of the league at first as soon as the video surfaced. What kind of example is the league setting for its audience. Considering there are a reasonable amount of female football fans, the NFL should have been more aware a severe punishment was necessary.

  • Yes, Ray Rice's punishment is lacking in consequences

    Ray Rice's acts that were brought to light recently were heinous and yet, the NFL finds an suspension to be adequate. Not only is Ray Rice not being charged with assault and is avoiding jail time at this point, but he has the option still sitting with his NFL career to be able to come back in the future. With this punishment, Ray Rice is not being given any permanent consequences that would keep him form doing this same type of act in the future. The NFL seems to be showing that if a player assaults someone, that is simply a slap on the wrist and therapy, becasue assault is an acceptable action.

  • Ray Rice should be in jail

    Ray Rice committed a grave crime when he struck his fiancé unconscious. Were it not for his fame and money, it is likely that Ray Rice would have been charged with that crime and eventually sentenced to a term in jail. Instead, he walked free and was able to collect millions of dollars as an employee of the NFL.

  • Ray Rice properly punished.

    Ray Rice was let go from the Ravens and suspended indefinitely from the NFL. This is a fair and proper punishment for his actions against his wife ( then fiance ). As a star player and part of an organization that upholds values, they needed to send a strong message and did. I don't see any leniency in their punishment.

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