Do you think the Obama girls shouldn't have been criticized for their clothing?

Asked by: chestnutrules
  • Too much time on your hands.

    It seems common sense has up and left the planet. Those of us who are productive in society and have a real life could care less what two teenage girls are wearing, no matter who they are.

    Those who complain about the clothes Malia and Sasha wear have the IQ of an ice cube, IMHO. Why would anyone in their right minds attack two teenager girls for how they look and what they wear?

    The Obama ladies are absolutely darling, intelligent, sweet, and I could go on. That's why idiots make nasty comments about them...They're jealous and envious and, quite possible, out of their minds.

    Get over it.

  • Are you people retarded?

    Instead of focusing on the economic, social, militaristic, and foreign crap that their father has to put up with for two more years, people are focusing on these girls' clothing. You people are sick. It's not like they wore KKK outfits, because they are black. "Oh No! Their clothes are not modernly fashionable. Whatever shall we do?!" Whoever would sincerely make a comment similar to that, you are a waste of human resource.

  • It Shouldn't Matter what they Wore

    The Obama girls got criticized when the Bush daughters never did. Elizabeth Lauten was terribly cruel and mean. Just because you don't like a president doesn't mean you should attack his family! Furthermore, I think the girl looked fine as they were dressed fr the turkey pardon. "Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar." Lauten wrote. Okay, that is just really sexist and misogynist. Malia and Sasha shouldn't be attacked just because they are the president's daughters. Stop attacking them people or really anyone! Don't attack people!

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