Do you think the Olympics should have been hosted in Rio?

Asked by: Joey888
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  • Probably not .

    If Brazil was financially prepared for it then yeah, sure, but RIo has not gone so great so far: water turning green in the diving pool, budget cuts in the Paralympics (at least 10 countries are now unable to go) and the crowd using football cheering tactics in the Olympics- they booed Renaud Lavillenie at the PODIUM and he ended up in tears- HE DIDN'T EVEN WIN! I still feel sorry for him. Plus Brazil held the World Cup in 2014 and then two years later the OLYMPICS!!! It has led them to an economic crisis. They should have hosted it when they KNEW they would be ready and fully prepared.

  • Too many problems.

    There had been many problems in Brazil for many years. Hosting the Olympics there costs a lot of money, and many people are angry because the money is not being used to solve the problems such as water pollution and political unrest. This should be solved first before hosting the Olympics.

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