Do you think the opinions of those under 25 are worth less? Are you over 25?

Asked by: blackkid
  • The reasoning center in the brain needs to fully develop:

    Many strong opinions by young people change with time very dramatically as they grow older. While their opinions may have valid backing the reasoning behind their conclusions the emotional nature of the opinions themselves may exaggerate the problems to the point of distortion beyond the realistic scope of what is actually present creating problematic elements like extremist views.

  • Hindsight is 20/20.

    Often times, young adults, especially teens tend to forget that their elders once where that age as well. We have walked in your shoes, made the same mistakes, and know what we would have done differently. They may not think we don't understand but odds are we do. An older adult can tell you what they did when they were younger but a young adult or teen can not tell you what they did when they were older.

  • Go to a Middle School

    Between a smart 15 year old and a stupid 45 year old, I am going to go with the kid. But because this isn't very specific, my natural reaction would be to listen to the older person in the situation in most scenarios. There are plenty of exemptions but on an average, under 25 have less developed opinions.

  • Only insofar as they have less life experience

    They likely have not entered the workforce, they are likely fresh out of college. They might have a service job or an internship, so they have potential to learn and grow, but when I look back on my opinions from 8 years ago, I realize just how more knowledgeable I am now.

    So yes, their opinions carry much less weight than those of individuals who have lived a bit more of life.

    That doesn't mean young people's opinions aren't important and worth listening to.

  • Depends on the person

    A teenager with a high IQ can outsmart an adult with an average IQ and I have seen that first hand. Another thing is some kids grow up a lot faster than others and tend to make good life decisions at a young age and become more successful. I think that in most cases the opinion of the older person is better, but there are some exceptions to that.

  • Rather cruel of you to even suggest that.

    Yes, I am under 25, but I can easily tell you that many younger people would make better decisions than adults. Most of us seem to have the common sense or morals that most adults like to abandon as they get older. We wouldn't be swayed by that one voice that screams louder than all the others, we would pick what logically made sense even if we were to be widely disliked for it. We want to help people help themselves so we don't have to waste resources any more, but that doesn't mean we'd abandon them. We want to switch to cleaner energy, even though it would cost a lot, because we know it's better and we care more about what people need than what they want. If people did care about what we had to say, I think you'd see a lot less bloodshed, a lot less waste, and a lot more progress.

  • Many adults have the intelligence level of a teenager

    Many adults (not all, but a sizable amount) do not vote effectively. It is true that many teenagers have no opinions and don't care about things that matter, yet the same is true for many adults. There are teenagers who, like others have said, are 'politically savvy', and their opinions, as good or bad as they may be, could mean our future.

  • I am 16, so I am biased with open eyes.

    I think everyone has a right to their own opinion, but not everyone's opinion is worth listening to. Often times, logic is replaced by offensive tactics, such as discredit and name-calling. I notice this a lot with younger people, but this doesn't mean everyone under 25 is like that. Plus, every age group has a lot of people (and I mean a lot) who don't understand the true purpose of debate. Through argument, the participants and maybe the viewers can find a better understanding of the topic, because of quality ideas being thrown around. It has nothing to do with age.

    I'm not against equality. I hate everyone the same, ;D. (Haha, keep the ball rolling)

  • The world is doomed now.

    Look, our new up coming generation is truly disturbed. I guess its culture in some way but really i don't know. Some say it's Bush Jr. Some blame the generation Z theory. It is kind of weird if you break it down. All my life Terrorist Muslims fighting the U.S.A. I Remember my mom turning on the news through a warning screen on my sponge bob that two towers fell. R.I.P.
    We lived with the longest war. We have 9/11, then finding out that the C.I.A. Knows this convo exists, and can read live. We have trauma from our parents, mostly not there together. Mine we 58 and 61Gen W...
    We have many qualities but one we lack so much. Maturity. Look in is not such the 90's babies as to 2000. That's the cut off to me because is know many younger then 14 and it's shocking.
    The Z's will inherit a global chaos. You have BRICS starting a globe wide bank to compete for the US dollar and our politics and society are a mess as well. You have the Holy Lands at war but hey Israel has a 12 hr cease fire. Good job but if Hamas dares one rocket you blast em.
    Anyways thanks for the read and I am telling you its a jungle out there.


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